Texas Metal Tanks

can DELIVER your tank, or

2,015 Gallon

500 gallon commercial metal rain storage tank
500 Gallon

Tank Installation

Texas Metal Tanks installs some tanks or can recommend an installer for you. If your tank is being used for well water, it is best to have your well driller hook it up. We have a limited service area for installation. Contact us and if we can’t do the installation we can probably recommend someone who can.

Raingarden Construction

A raingarden is a shallow depression planted with native plants that collects rainwater from impervious surfaces such as roofs, driveways, and sidewalks. We use colorful native flowers and grasses and try to have a good variety so that something is in bloom for three seasons of the year. Raingardens are beneficial to both the landowner and the community as a whole. For the landowner, you get a beautiful garden that supports birds and pollinators like butterflies. You are using your water that falls on your property and not letting it literally and figuratively run down the drain. From the community perspective, you are letting water absorb into the ground replenishing our aquifers and keeping the water clean. Limited installation area.

metal water tank for rain garden
1480 Gallon
metal tank for stormwater management
1,000 Gallon

Stormwater Management Tank Systems

Under natural conditions, stormwater is absorbed into the ground and makes its way to aquifers or flows into rivers and streams. When rainfall cannot naturally soak into the ground, stormwater management is often regulated. The stormwater runs off of lawns, streets, parking lots and other impervious surfaces. This excess water can run off rapidly into storm drains, sewer systems, and drainage ditches and can cause flooding, erosion, habitat destruction, turbidity, pollution, and damage to buildings and infrastructure.

Federal, state, and local regulations often must be considered for new construction or major remodels. A Texas Metal Tank with a capacity of up to 4400 gallons may help mitigate your impervious coverage requirements, allowing the addition of more parking spaces or greater roof area.

Texas Metal Tanks can provide a complete stormwater tank cistern solution which includes:
  • Galvanized Metal or Stainless Steel Stormwater Tank up to 4400 Gallons
  • First Flush System
  • Programmable Logic Control and Sensors
  • Biofiltration and Irrigation Drainage Solutions
  • Complete Packaged Solutions Including Installation
We make more than what’s on the price sheet!

Hardly a week goes by when we don’t get a request for something not on our price sheet. The fact is we can actually do a lot more and many tanks don’t take too much more work. If there’s something you don’t see, just ask us!