Inlet/Outlet Form

Thank you for your purchase. Please fill out the form below so that we can outfit your tank with the appropriate inlet and outlet locations. 

    Over the years installing our tanks, we have developed a set of "standard fitting" locations that are used in almost all rainwater collection applications. Standard fittings include a bulkhead outlet at 6:00, an overflow at 12:00 and a stainless steel screened basket in the lid of the tank (which can rotate) for collection or inlet.

    If you require custom fittings for your tank, please take the time to choose your options after selecting “Custom Fittings”.

    In determining where the holes should go, we use a clock diagram. The TMT logo goes at 6:00. If you are looking at the logo on the tank, that is at 6:00, to the right of the tank is 3:00 and to the left is 9:00. The back of the tank is 12:00.

    Exception: Our 90 gallon tanks come with standard fittings and include a hose bib.