A PLC - Programmable Logic Control - is very versatile.  It can control pumps, valves, alarms,and lights.  Inputs include rain sensors and float switches.
Texas Metal Tanks provides complete, installed stormwater management solutions.

Stormwater Management Solutions


Under natural conditions, stormwater is absorbed into the ground and makes it ways to aquifers or flows into rivers and streams.  When rainfall cannot naturally soak into the ground, stormwater management is often regulated.  The stormwater runs off of lawns, streets, parking lots and other impervious surfaces.  This excess water can run off rapidly into storm drains, sewer systems, and drainage ditches and can cause flooding, erosion, habitat destruction, turbidity, pollution, and damage to buildings and infrastructure.


Federal. State, and local regulations often must be considered for new construction or major remodels.  A Texas Metal Tank with a capacity of up to 3750 gallons may help mitigate your impervious coverage requirements, allowing the addition of more parking spaces or greater roof area.


Texas Metal Tanks can provide a complete solution for you including:


  • Galvanized or Stainless Steel Tank up to 3750 Gallons
  • First Flush System
  • Programmable Logic Control and Sensors
  • Biofiltration and Irrigation Drainage Solutions
  • Complete Packaged Solutions Including Installation


In the pictures below, Texas Metal Tanks was hired to install a stormwater management system for a church undergoing renovation.  Sitting on an aquifer recharge zone, the 2500 gallon tank collects rainwater off of approximately 800 square feet of roof.  A 140 gallon first flush tank collects any leaves or debris from the roof. The programmable logic control (PLC) detects when a rain event begins.  As the tank fills with water, the PLC opens a valve at set intervals defined by the client to control the runoff.  The tank is emptied over a 72 hour period.  The water is drained to biofiltration irrigation field.  Texas Metal Tanks installed the entire system:  The cistern and first flush; the PLC, float switches, rain sensor (including programming); and the biofiltration irrigation field.   We worked with the client to improve on the initial engineer design making the system more reliable and lower maintenance.




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